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Date Published - 2013-07-15 Author - Edward Warner

Soulmate Astrology Introduction

We all desire to the perfect partner for ourselves so we can live a blissful co-existence with our "soul mate" for the rest of our lives. This probably not possible as there are two complex beings involved and there will always be differences. It is the handling of the differences that is important. Astrology can help in reducing the differences between couples by revealing special connections between people, be they good or bad.
Natal Chart

The art, or science, of relationship analysis in Astrology is called Synastry. It is a very complex but intriguing process that examines the energies of individuals and how they interact. The process starts with your birth or natal chart. This is a chart that is drawn up showing the planets, the sun and the moon and the instant of your birth. It is dependent on the exact time of your birth and where you were born.

If you do not have one yet you will need to have one drawn up for you. A good website to look for an Astrologist is Body and Mind or click on our featured Astrologist.

Once you have your natal chart you can compare the chart of your partner. This will show various patterns of interaction.

The most important planet regarding love and romance is of course, Venus.

Venus is the Goddess of Love.

Why are we attracted to someone. Great minds and intelligent men have examined this issue through the ages and we are still no closer to the answer. Sometimes the attraction is understandable but most times is make no sense. For me personally I could never understand why.

If the great thinkers of mankind cannot figure this out, how will we. The large majority of those thinkers did not turn to Astrology, or more specifically, Synastry for answers. Armed with our secret store of knowledge we will attempt to answer this vexing question. In this area Venus rules supreme, she rules attraction pleasure, romance and union. The other planets and factors influence this course but she is the Goddess.

Venus interaspects are almost essential for couples to have long lasting and significant relationship. Check your chart and your partners chart to see your individual views and approaches to love and relationships. This will also indicate how the relationship will be handled during the ups and downs associated love. You are looking for someone that will be prepared to tough out the rough times and be loving, gentle and generous during the good times. Narrow minded and mean spirited are to be avoided at all costs no matter what you body is telling you.

When comparing the two charts try to pick up on the similarities and the differences. The fact there are many differences is not a bad thing and the fact there are many similarities is not necessary a good thing. There needs to be a balance of the two so that you can complement each other. Where the one is weak the other is strong.

Where Venus is positioned in our natal chart determines the roles we play when trying to attract our soul mate. This is not flirting in the shallow sense of the word, this is how we are when we are with our soul mate, the one on one love relationship be it on the first date or golden wedding anniversary. This 'role' is not an act they are traits that are activated by our soul mate and when we are in love.

For more in depth analysis and to get a natal chart drawn up see our featured Astrologist.

For an over view and history of astrology go to Wikipedia

Date Published - 2013-07-15 Author - Edward Warner


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